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Welcome to Patty’s Primary Songs

Patty’s Primary Songs support children’s approaches to learning in all domains through interactive and fun creative arts experiences including music, dance and drama.

With an impressive two million+ subscribers swooning over her YouTube channel, Patty Shukla brings out the rhythm and fun in early childhood learning. This multi-talented American artist is an expert in educational-interactive music, seamlessly blending it into an adventure filled with singing, dancing, and learning. Well-recognized as an esteemed keynote speaker worldwide, Shukla is also a cherished mother of three, deriving inspiration from her children for her melodic ventures.

Performing and songwriting are her passions, and Shukla has been perfecting these crafts since she started her musical voyage at the young age of four, singing alongside her twin sister. From crafting compositions at 13 to earning a degree in theatre and music from the Florida State University, she’s made quite a few waves in the world of music. Located in all corners of the US – be it Atlanta, Los Angeles, or New York – Shukla has left her mark.

Following her becoming a mother, she dove into the world of children’s music in 2009 after realizing the transformative power of music for her non-verbal son. Through this journey, she became the brain behind Patty’s Primary Songs, an engine that propels learning in the early developmental stage of children. With the creation of their website, Patty’s Primary Songs ensures accessibility and easy integration into a child’s daily learning routine.

Some of her most popular tunes on Spotify include “Choo Choo Train”, “Shake and Move”, “Jump”, and “Stand up, Sit Down”. These interactive and exciting sing-alongs bring in heaps of joy while those tiny feet tap to the music, learning shapes, counting numbers, understanding the difference between left and right, and even grasping phonics and ASL sign language.

Current projects up Shukla’s sleeve hold promise and excitement. One of these ventures includes a song focused on words of affirmation and the vital role they play in cultivating essential life skills in young children. This video is set to be a beautiful representation of diversity and inclusivity, a testament to our rich, global community. In tandem, she’s working on a rhyme-filled number aimed at boosting reading skills.

Among the many goals Shukla aims to achieve, her primary aspiration is to provide parents and educators with ample resources to encourage learning through music and movement. Staying committed to this path, Shukla ensures her music is easily accessible on platforms like YouTube, Amazon, ROKU, Apple app, YouTube Kids app, and her own website, providing free insights to this treasured trove of educational tools.

Remember to keep up with Shukla on her forthcoming adventures. Currently, fans can look forward to her keynote address at the Ohio AEYC Teachers Conference in April. Meanwhile, she will be on her 14th consecutive summer tour, preparing to wow audiences in Iowa, Illinois, Florida, and the Florida Keys.

In the ever-evolving world of music, Shukla finds delight in collaborations, too. She recently partnered with the highly respected educator and YouTuber Jack Hartmann, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. The collaborations won’t stop there as she eagerly hope to expand her her collabs to working with other famed children’s musicians like Raffi, Laurie Berkner, Bounce Patrol, and the Wiggles.

With the kind of passion Patty Shukla breathes into her work, the world of early childhood education has a star that shines in its corner, illuminating the path of learning through the mesmerizing power of song and dance.

Experience the joy of learning through music with Patty Shukla by visiting her on Linktree, exploring her website, and enjoying her educational videos on YouTube at Patty Shukla and Patty’s Mommy and Me. Connect with her community on Instagram and Facebook.


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