Music Classes with Patty Shukla Virtual-LIVE! 6 Classes

$30.00 $25.00


Virtual LIVE Music Classes with Patty Shukla (6 Classes) online
Music and Fun for your little one!
Ages 1-5 years old

Event: Virtual Music Class with Patty Shukla
Dates:6 classes online whenever you sign up. 6 consecutive classes, excluding Sundays. Each class is $5, but with this discount package you get one extra class for free. Please see the schedule below.
Time: 10:00am
Location: Facebook Private Group Page called “Virtual Patty Shukla Class” Click here to ask to join after you pay for the classes. The class is live at 10am, let her know you’re watching live!
Cost: $25 (Pay for $5 for each class and get one free)
Make-up classes: If you miss the class time, it will be available for your to view on our private Facebook page anytime afterwards.

Colors of the day: Join in the fun and learn before and during the class. Here are the colors that we will be learning about each day.
March 23rd – Purple Day, Letter F
March 24th – Red Day, Letter G
March 25th – White Day, Letter H
March 26th – Brown Day, Letter I
March 27th – Black Day, Letter J
March 28th – Yellow Day, Letter K
March 30th – Pink Day, Letter L
March 31st – Green Day, Letter M
April 1st – Blue Day, Letter N

This class is very interactive. Best for walking children. 🙂

*There are no refunds

The children have so much fun singing, dancing, meeting friends and playing musical instruments. Miss Patty plays live guitar and leads different educational music lessons every week including: The letter of the day, the color of the day, subtraction with finger puppets, sign language words, movement songs, instrument play time and social interaction.

Patty Shukla is an internationally recognized expert in interactive-educational music for children. Visit her popular YouTube channel with all the music she does in class: or download her free music app. Just search Patty Shukla YouTube






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