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Curriculum based music show by Patty Shukla “Musical PE For You & Me” Children’s Music.

Patty Shukla’S EDUCATIONAL MUSIC PROGRAM FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS “MUSICAL PE FOR YOU & ME” (45 minutes. Each show is specialized for that specific ages group)

Curriculum Highlights and Song Titles:

Roar Like a Lion! – Students will explore sounds that are loud and soft. Distinguish between loud and quiet animals.

Play with Me, Sing Along! – Students will increase their skills in listening carefully and following directions attentively. This activity is specifically designed to reinforce gross motor skills development through participatory exercise.

Wiggle It – Identify body parts. Gross motor skills song.

Guessing Game – Students will develop creative-thinking, auditory-discrimination, and problem-solving skills as they try to identify the objects they cannot see.

Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Respectful – Character building and sign language words to help retain the development skills.

S.T.O.P. – Students will demonstrate physical participation, self-control and coordination of body movements. In addition, students will spell the word “Stop”.

Helping Verbs – Students will memorize English grammar through song and repetition.

Stand Up, Sit Down – Students will be able to follow basic verb imperatives (commands) through exercise, demonstrating self-control.

Rhyming Song – Students will define and identify a rhyme. They will then form suitable words rhyming with the one given as an example.

Twist – Students will enhance right and left discrimination through play, song and dance.

I Can Do It – Students will demonstrate fitness while learning new movements with an emphasis on right and left hand association.

If I Were An Animal (Optional) – Students will identify and act out familiar animals with use of their imaginations.

Tooth Fairy – Students will recognize and identify the 5 Ws and 1 H of storytelling.

Jump! – Students will develop gross motor skills by using the large muscles in their body to jump.